April 26, 2009
Sunday 10:00am WLEX TV Channel 18
It is requested that all children under the age of five stay in our nursery
so there will be no distraction s during the preaching of the Gospel.

I bless the Christ of God, I rest on love divine
And with unfaltering lip and heart, I call the Savior mine.
His cross dispels each doubt, I bury in His tomb
Each thought of unbelief and fear
Each lingering shade of gloom.

I praise the God of peace, I trust His truth and might
He calls me His, I call Him mine, My God, my Joy, my light.
In Him is only good, in me is only ill
My ill but draws His goodness forth
And me He loveth still.

‘Tis He Who saveth me, and freely pardon gives
I love because He loveth me, I give because He lives.
My life with Him is hid, my death has passed away
My clouds have melted into light
My midnight into day.

(Tune: “This is My Father’s World” p. 39)

Vacation Bible School will be June 23rd – 25th from 10:30am – 1:30pm.

Everyone is invited to the wedding of Amy Coleman and Eric Richards. The invitation is on the bulletin board.

We extend our sympathy to Jean Bradford on the recent death of her father.

28th – Jim Murphy 30th – Carole Pruitt 30th – Linda Rutledge
1st– Bob Pruitt 2nd– Geraldine Bigelow 2nd– Mitch Bryan < /SPAN>2nd– Gretta Daniel

“He that passeth by, and meddleth with strife belonging not to him, is like one that taketh a dog by the ears.” - Proverbs 26:17

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego could have played it safe and bowed=2 0when they heard the music. After all, they had a lot of positive influence with their positions in government. That would all be gone if they were thrown into a fiery furnace. Daniel could have played it safe by not praying before an opened window. John the Baptist could have played it safe by keeping his mouth shut regarding Herod and his wife. But in serving the Lord, we are not to “play it safe”. Serving the Lord is not safe! It is dangerous. “In the world ye shall have tribulation.” We are to do what He tells us to do regardless of cost or consequence, knowing that is all in His hands. Only the grace of God can enable us to do that. Remember the words of the Lord, “He that saveth his life shall lose it.” May the Lord deliver us from a safe religion.


We have all been guilty of being too critical toward others and we have all experienced the fires of criticism leveled against us. Here are some thoughts concerning being critical and being criticized.
Regarding being critical, may we always remember that what we criticize others for we are guilty of ourselves! (Romans 2:1) Also remember, “With the same measure you mete withal it shall be measure d to you again” (Luke 6:38)…you will be criticized in the same proportion that you criticize. Even if we have a good reason to be critical, there is a desire in our criticism to make our own candle shine brighter by exposing the dimness of others. I wonder how much criticism would escape our lips if we thought of these things.
Regarding being criticized, there is an element of truth in all criticisms leveled against us (and sometimes they are grossly understated). May God give us grace to receive the criticism and improve our character. Yes, criticism hurts, but don’t be too hurt. Remember, all that matters is what God sees. In the grand scheme of things, it does not matter all that much what men think of you. Paul said to the Corinthians, “It is a very small thing that I should be judged of you, or of man’s judgment” (I Corinthians 4:3 ). And do not hold a grudge against the one who has criticized you “Take heed unto all words that are spoken; lest thou hear thy servant curse thee: For often times also thine own heart knoweth that thou thyself likewise hast cursed others.” (Ecc. 7:21-22). May we be harder on ourselves than we are on others, and may we profit from the criticism that is made toward us. Criticism can be constructive!

“Let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” And how do we do that? “Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.” The only way to run this race is to look only to Him. If we take our eyes off of Him to examine our walk, we will swerve off course. If we take our eyes off of Him to only look at somebody else’s walk, we will swerve off course. If we look backward at our experience we will swerve off course. The only way to run this race is to always look to Him only. In looking to Him, there are a lot of things we do not look to! Blessed is the man who learns this.


There are only t wo kinds of people in this world – the righteous and the wicked. Interestingly, the righteous believe themselves to be wicked. That is why they need the Gospel. The wicked believe themselves to be righteous. That is why they do not need the Gospel.


Our sins can never come into God’s presence, inasmuch as Christ, who bore them all and put them away is there instead. But if we sin, conscience will feel it, must feel it. Even the Holy Spirit will make us feel it. He will not allow so much as a single light thought to pass unjudged. What then? Has our sin made its way into the presence of God? No, the Advocate is there, “Jesus Christ, the righteous,” to maintain an unbroken integrity and relationship in which we stand. Though sin cannot affect God’s thoughts in reference to us, it can and does affect our thoughts in reference to Him. What are we to do? “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” By confession, we get our conscience cleared and the sweet sense of fellowship restored. The black cloud is dispersed and removed, and out thoughts of God set straight. This is the Divine method! - Pastor Scott Richardson